A few words from the new President

Pronica Janiskowski was elected at a Management Committee meeting to be the new President.

President Pronica Janiskowski

Welcome to a new year of PROBUS activities. We have had such a fabulous fall so far with beautiful tree colours all over Prince Edward County and beyond. I hope everyone has been able to take advantage of the extended warm weather and get outside.

I first want to say a big thank you to Rick Moynes and the Management Committee for steering us through more of the pandemic. Unfortunately, it is not over yet but it seems to have become more manageable.

I am very excited to be taking over as president this year. With our hybrid meetings a reality now, I am hoping all of you can join us at our monthly meetings either in person or via Zoom.


COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

At the Management Committee meeting held on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 the following revised COVID-19 Vaccination Policy was approved:

That all members of the PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County be fully vaccinated to participate in PROBUS activities. For in-person attendance at monthly meetings at the Elks Hall, proof of full vaccination and wearing a mask is required. For the safety of all concerned, and because our membership is in the high risk group, we will take a cautious approach to reopening.

 Content on this website is largely private in nature and can only be viewed by PEC PROBUS members. Non-member accessible information is typically limited to the ABOUT US section and ACTIVITIES section. For more information on how to join – Click here.

Press Release – Global Probus

Press Release
January 23, 2023

PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County part of a global movement

Members of the PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County learned that they are among 300,000 members who belong to 4,500 PROBUS clubs worldwide in 27 countries. Richard Furlong, President and Linda Metcalf, Club Administrator – both with PROBUS Global – were guest speakers at the January meeting of PROBUS in Prince Edward County. Joining on zoom were PROBUS Global executive members from South Africa, Australia, Wales, Dominican Republic, USA, and India.

PROBUS was established in 1965 by members of Rotary Clubs in the United Kingdom that were looking for social activities. Clubs were subsequently chartered in New Zealand in 1974, Australia in 1976 and in Canada in 1987.

The PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County was officially established on August 23, 2018. Since that time the club has grown from 88 charter members to its current count of 170 with more people joining each month.

The local PROBUS Club didn’t skip a beat throughout the pandemic moving monthly meetings onto zoom in May 2020 and becoming “hybrid” (both in-person and on zoom) in September of 2022.

There are over 4,000 PROBUS clubs worldwide, 255 being Canadian clubs made up of over 35,000 members. PROBUS is an amalgam made up of the words “professional” and “business”. It is a fellowship organization of people with like interests. It is not a service club, and does not fundraise. Members are retired and semi-retired people who like to socialize, participate in activities, and most of all have fun.

2021 Press Release

PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County stays connected, active and vital.

The PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County is going strong throughout the pandemic. The last in-person monthly meeting was held in March 2020 at the Elk’s Hall in Picton. Plans have been finalized for in-person/remote ‘hybrid’ meetings with testing beginning very soon.

For more information, read our October 25, 2021 Press Release.


These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures for the safety of our members and the community. Many members of our PROBUS Club are in the high risk category.

As of March 13th the Ontario Ministry of Health is asking anyone who has returned from international travel (including to the US) to self-isolate for 14 days. [Today] the Federal Government is advising any Canadians who are travelling abroad to return to Canada immediately.

For the safety of all, the Management Committee has decided to cancel all PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County events, effective immediately and until further notice. This includes all Activity Groups and events. Social & Entertainment Chair Wendy will be emailing the Activity Group Leaders and asking them to advise the membership of their groups of this decision.

You’ll find attached a a letter from the President of PROBUS Canada notifying all Clubs of the situation.

Stay safe, wash your hands, use social distancing and stay home as much as possible.

President Andy and the Management Committee

March Meeting

March 12 at the Elks. Please wear your Probus badge.

FEATURED SPEAKER – Anne Preston talks about the County Reads program.

February meeting

February 13 at the Elks. Please wear your Probus badge

FEATURED SPEAKER – Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum talks about the History of the Berlin Wall.

January meeting

January 9th at the Elks. Please wear your Probus badge

FEATURED SPEAKER – Pamela Stagg from the Nature Conservancy of Canada talks about Techo-birding (little birds meet big data).